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Now thanks to our partnership with Far Out Africa, Volunteering with ASEM is a reality


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Volunteer with ASEM!


ASEM Walkathon

This is exciting! You can now volunteer.

For years, you, our donors and patrons, have asked us if you can volunteer at ASEM. And now you can!

As you know, we are a well-established grassroots NGO in central Mozambique. We've been in operation for over 20 years but the ASEM staff have always focused 100% of our time on the children. Education, family re-integration, food and medicine. They are not just priorities. They are urgent issues. Its always been a challenge for us to dedicate time and resources to those who wanted to volunteer. And yet we really want you to come and experience these amazing children and what we've been able to create with your support!

Now thanks to our partnership with Far Out Africa, Volunteering with ASEM is a reality!  Set your dates and choose the area you want to volunteer in: the arts, agriculture, education and vocational training, IT, sewing and craftsmanship and more. Your level of experience can be high or low. There's plenty to do and it can be a lot of fun. All of the details are non the Far Out Africa - ASEM Mozambique page. Now, your physical contribution can really make a difference too!

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