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ASEM (a French acronym for "Association Pour Les Enfants de Mozambique"; Ie. Association for the Children of Mozambique) is a charitable organization founded in 1991 by Barbara Hofmann, dedicated to directly helping the marginalized children and youth of Mozambique, while investing in ways to improve and empower these children towards a better tomorrow.

Barbara's Hug

Thousands call her "auntie" or "mamma"


Barbara Hofmann has been in Mozambique for the children for over fifteen years. Her life in Switzerland was totally different with ordinary dreams and projects, but she was unable to leave all these children after she had met them, because she realized that she could not wipe them out of her mind and heart, simply by catching a plane.

All of them are orphans of the war or AIDS and lived a terrible story. They come from hell and are in need of food, a bed under a roof, medical care and, if possible, schooling. Perhaps, most of all, they need love.

Without waiting for help from institutions slowed down by bureaucracy, she dedicated herself to the "meninos" and fought to offer them the possibility of emerging from the horrors of war with dignity.

This "angel of today", instead of wings, uses a motorcycle and has no room for sanctimonious words but fights a very difficult daily battle.


original title: ABBRACCIO DI BARBARA, L'

directed by: Annamaria Gallone

cast: Barbara Hofmann

editing: Antonio Augugliaro

music: Mauro Buttafava

producer: Annamaria Gallone

production: Kenzi

country: Italy

year: 2005

Festival & Awards:

  • INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF KERALA 2006: World: Long Documentaries


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