The Manga Center includes a school with a full range of scholastic activities, training activities, workshops, seminars, and support for children living under extreme and distressed conditions (abuse, extreme poverty, etc.). Our efforts are focused on:

  • Developing work programs with the community for the family reintegration of orphaned children, helping them towards self-sustainability
  • Driving funding for scholarships to allow children and young adults living in extreme poverty to attend primary and secondary school
  • Driving funding for university scholarships to allow young adults to attend university and become professionals and foster positive economic development in the country
  • Driving funding for scholarships for vocational training (management, administration, accounting, languages, various manual professions, in accordance with the needs of the local market)
  • Continual activity towards future self-sustainability for ASEM (bakery, agricultural land, cultivation, computer business, service center)
  • Traditional dance and theatre instruction (a part of the psychological rehabilitation program & job creation)
  • Promotion and development of sports activities (a part of the psychological rehabilitation program)

Current Status

The school currently has 32 teachers servicing the needs of 3004 registered students, of which:

  • 662 are in primary school
  • 2342 are in secondary school

Among these students, 1,409 are boys and 1,595 are girls. It should be noted that only one student was transferred to another school at the request of his guardian, and 273 dropped out of school for unknown reasons, the school reached the end of the 2nd quarter with 2730 students.

One thing to be noted about the decrease in the number of attendees as compared to the same period last year is that the conditions in which the children study are far from ideal. It is imperative to equip the classrooms with an adequate number of desks, school benches, blackboards and learning aids.
The necessary funding has to be achieved for the restoration and improvement of existing infrastructure (windows, doors, railings, etc.) and for the repair of the general electrical system. Two inactive ex-dormitories have yet to be converted into classrooms to accommodate more children.

ASEM Updates

Project Summary

Project Name: Manga

Start Date: September, 1998

Current Status: In Progress

Project Description: Originally a home to boys up to 12 yrs old and girls of all ages. Since 2010, Manga has been a robust educational facility for children and home to a number of different community and self-sustainability programs.


  • The 2012 school year comprises 3004 students and 32 teachers.
  • Cultural outreach – HIV Education