In February 2012, in accord with various regional sectors and community representatives (including education, Schools and Artists as individuals, churches, governmental institutions, parents, guardians and children), ASEM developed a global program called “POTELIC” (Occupational Program of Children’s Free Time). The aim of this program is to help children in key multidisciplinary activities focused around "learning how to like learning", homework help and preparation for their future training –all within a safe monitored environment.

The program is underway and receiving a lot of positive feedback from the community, government, business sectors and kids in Vilanculos. Key activities include:

  1. Arts and Crafts - Painting, Pottery, Drawing, Handicrafts, Candle & Soap Making
  2. Culture - Singing, Dancing, Music, Theater, Poetry, Writing
  3. Sports - Football, Volleyball and more
  4. Recreation - Juggling, Animation
  5. Vegetable Gardening, Tree and flower nursery

Currently, we have over 800 children, from 5 to 15, engaged in various activities in the pre-school ETS and the Majianza Cultural Center and that number is increasing.

The participation of girls in the program as well as the constant encouragement that they remain in school are meant to create a platform for their knowledge of basic sexual and reproductive health, gender relations, self-esteem, social interaction, courtesy, and to educate and provide tools that will safeguard their interests in relation to premature marriage, teenage pregnancy, STI and HIV/AIDS.

The duration of the pilot phase of the project is three years (2012-2014) and covers activities being developed at the Majianza Cultural Center. Satellite centers in three schools in the District of Vilankulo are being prepared.

The best artworks and handicrafts created by participating children and young adults will be showcased in exhibition sales at the Cultural Center and internationally. All profit generated from sales is allocated for the growth and sustainability of the initiative.

There are currently 25 students receiving practical training at the Majianza Cultural Center in areas such as organization and management, education, child psychology, treatment practices for children and community management

Current Partners

  • Organization CARE
  • Foundation Rainbox
  • City Council of Vilankulo
  • District administration of Vilankulo
  • IFP
  • District Directorate of Health and Social Welfare
  • District Directorate of Education
  • Communitarian Radio of Vilankulo
  • Organization Mozambican Women
  • Organization “Continuadores” of Mozambique
  • Private donors like you!

ASEM Updates

Project Summary

Project Name: Vilanculos

Start Date: February, 2008

Current Status: In Progress

Project Description: The Vilanculos project is a series of programs including a pre-school and a cultural, educational and vocational training center for children and older youth. We have a Theater, an “Art Atelier”, a studio for artists, and chicken breeding – all which help improve our self-sustainability.


  • 25 students are receiving practical training at the Cultural Centre, Majianza.
  • 800 children from 5 to 15 years old are engaged in various activities in the preschool ETS and the Cultural Center, Majianza.